Flutura Academy was created in 2020 and is part of the Bambus Group, initially it was implemented as a learning platform but also as a meeting place for opportunities. As a digital platform it was launched as a necessity at the time of the start of the pandemic. In the first months alone, over 100,000 exercises were carried out with over 11,000 active user students, in 62 different schools.

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Nga shtatori i vitit 2021 Flutura Academy u realizua edhe si qendër me prezencë fizike, për zhvillimin dhe aftësimin e të rinjve me shkathtësitë e nevojshme inovative mbështetur në kërkesat e tregut dinamik të punës. Kemi nisur rrugëtimin tonë në Drenas, duke përzgjedhur t’i përkushtohemi e t’i japim mundësi fillimisht komunave më të vogla, e pastaj duke zgjeruar potencialin dhe energjinë në secilën zonë.

Why Flutra

We chose the name "Butterfly" because in some way the process of metamorphosis of the butterfly reflects the process of professional and personal preparation/growth of each individual. No larva can become a butterfly without the necessary conditions to carry out the transformation process successfully. Similarly, without training with the necessary skills for today's job market, no young person can realize their expectations and dreams.

Group 54


Flutura aims to strengthen the connection between the needs of the labor market and the professional education system. By identifying the most required skills in the contemporary labor market, we design courses that will provide these skills in the most efficient and fast way.

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Flutura will be the meeting point for all those interested in building their skills that will enable them to develop a successful career in the local and wider labor market. Our vision is to empower youth in all regions of Kosovo by providing training that increases their employability and improves common well-being.

Why in Drenas

We started our journey in Drenas, choosing to dedicate ourselves and give opportunities to smaller centers first, and then expanding the potential and energy in each area. All this is an investment by Bambus Group, with the vision of providing opportunities to develop the potential of our youth.


Fadil Ahmetaj

Themelues dhe Drejtor Ekzekutiv

Rina Shabani

Koordinatore Ekzekutive

Kaltrina Haradini


Lirjeta Kastrati

Koordinatore e Programeve

Mentor Qorri

Udhëheqës i programit “Zhvillues Softueri Junior”

Fatbardha Mustafa

Zyrtare e Financave

Greta Isufi


Alma Dvorani


Albiona Sylaj


Arta Qorri


Donika Plakiqi

Zyrtare Administrative

Albina Ahmeti

Asistente Administrative

Leon Nika

Fotograf dhe Dizajner Grafik

Arbian Shkodra

Përgjegjës për IT

Board of Directors

Bekim Ahmetaj

Kryetar i Bordit Drejtues

Festim Mustafa


Fejzullah Hajrizi