Flutura Academy is part of the Bambus Group and was first implemented as a learning platform but also as a meeting place for opportunities. The educational framework that Flutura offers is a combination of market needs and the contemporary concept of learning. We offer quick-to-learn theoretical and practical skills that qualify you for the profession of your dreams.

We chose the name "Butterfly" because in some way the process of metamorphosis of the butterfly reflects the process of professional and personal preparation/growth of each individual. No larva can become a butterfly without the necessary conditions to carry out the transformation process successfully. Similarly, without training with the necessary skills for today's job market, no young person can realize their expectations and dreams.

Flutura Academy is located in Drenas, address: str. Xhevat Demaku, 13000 Drenas.

We started our journey in Drenas, choosing to dedicate ourselves and give opportunities to smaller centers first, and then expanding the potential and energy in each area.

All students of the municipality of Drenas, from the 3rd grade to the 12th grade, can apply.


We offer trainings such as: Programming, Graphic Design, 3D Design, German Language and English Language.

All trainings lasts approximately from 3 to 9 months.

All our trainings are free of charge for students up to 18 years old.

All businesses and non-governmental organizations may require specific training modules depending on their human capacity training needs.